Export your contacts

You can export your contacts onto a usb key in a CSV format.

1. Insert your USB key

2. Click on import/export

3. Click on Export your contacts

An ovhfax.csv file containing your contacts will be transferred onto your USB Key in the appropriate format.

Import your contacts

{warning} In order to import your contacts from a USB key, you need an ovhfax.csv file in the appropriate format (see below)

1. Insert your USB key

2. Click on import/export

3. Click on import your contacts

CSV file format

The ovhfax.csv file containing your contacts mut have the following format :

  • the field separator is the semicolon (;)
  • the columns are : 'firstname', 'lastname', 'company', 'fax'
  • the encoding is in UTF-8

Usage with Excel

Import the csv file into a workbook

From the speadsheet to which you want to import the contacts :

  1. Click on Data, then click on From Text
  2. Select the ovhfax.csv file
  3. For File origin select 65001: Unicode (UTF-8)
  4. For Délimiters select Semicolon
  5. Click on Load
  6. In Table Tools > Design click on Convert to Range

Export of a table to a csv file

Your table must have for columns : firstname, lastname, company and fax.

From your spreadsheet :

  1. Click on File then Export
  2. Click on Edit the file format
  3. Choose CSV (delimiter: comma)
  4. Click on Save as
  5. Save in a file
  6. On Windows, right-click on the file then create Open with and choose Notepad
  7. Click on Edit then on Replace
  8. In Find what enter , and in Replace with enter ;
  9. Click on Replace All
  10. Click on File then Save as
  11. Choose for encoding UTF-8
  12. Save on the USB key under the name ovhfax.csv